by Anike & Co. on Mar 02, 2022


In Southwestern Nigeria, the Yoruba people wear and make resist-dyed cloth known as adire. Adire was first used on indigo-dyed cloth decorated with resist patterns during the turn of the twentieth century. Prior to modern-day fashion, Adire was worn by everyone, regardless of class, in the Yoruba land. Culture is expressed most clearly through textiles, and Adire textiles provide a means to communicate Yoruba cultural heritage and ideas to other cultures.

Traditionally, Adire was worn by women as simple wrappers, but today this beautiful work of art has evolved into much more. Adire and Asooke open limitless possibilities and expressions in the world of Anike. The Adire fabrics are stunning, but the designs can also be engraved on various fashion items.

Art and Fashion continues to be a love affair and we are here for it. However, with the recycling old fashion, Adire is now being worn by all. Removing all tribal limitations that have been placed on the design, it has become universally accepted. An Adire piece makes a bold fashion statement while exhibiting a strong sense of tradition


Anike in the City explores different expressions of Adire fashion.

Tell us in the comments how you get creative with your Adire.


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